Do you know a child that needs help putting their shoes on the right feet? If so, The Right Socks is the right place for you.

The Right Socks, is dedicated to helping children learn the difference between their left and right feet by utilising a unique color-coded sticker and sock system designed to help them place the correct shoe on the correct feet by promoting independence and learning. With their red and green colours, they aim to help children understand basic concepts, simplifying the act of getting dressed in the morning.

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left and right coded socks

At The Right Socks we recognise that color-coded socks can be a valuable tool in teaching children fundamental skills while encouraging confidence and independent thinking, facilitating putting "The Right Shoes on TheRight Feet."

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left and right stickers for childrens shoes


With these simple yet elegant design features, we hope to empower children with a sense of independence and confidence during their learning and development stages.

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We are committed to creating products that serve as support for children in their journey towards growth and success. We operate under the belief that keeping things simple is key when it comes to designing products for children of any ability

Children's Left & Right Socks & Stickers