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We have officially partnered with online magazine, Clapham Mums as part of their children’s shopping services by providing The Right Socks as an affiliate. The online magazine gives mums, dads and carers the most up-to-date information on events, children’s activities, dining, Health & Fitness and school reviews in Battersea and Clapham, London. We are excited to be the first clothing brand to partner with Clapham mums to help grow and expand their shopping range.

Planning how to keep your children entertained during the holidays can sometimes be a challenging and expensive task. With the School Summer holiday's amongst us this time of the year can be bitter sweet for some. The chaotic, morning rush is now put on hold and replaced with joyful, excited faces hoping that every day will be an curious adventure...But where do you begin?

If, like the majority us you struggle be in the loop with activities for your little ones then Clapham mums is the perfect platform for you! It provides information on activities and venues to keep everyone entertained throughout the busy summer season. Offering a range of discounts across all activities from summer holiday camps, special occasional gifts, health & fitness, local activities, dining and much more. The platform allows you to be creative and try something new as a family.


The Right Socks
There are also some hidden gems for you parents and careers. Their wide selection of food and drinks services allows you to discover new tastes and dining hospitality in which you can choose to explore with or without the little ones - we’ll leave that for you to decide. You’ll find a variety of businesses that offer a range of products fit for any occasion. Most brands are homegrown which is great when supporting local business.
Every service is matched with a generous discount so go ahead and get booking!
Not only does the platform leave you with a sense of creative inspiration but it also gives you an insight into local schools within the area. This has proven to be a great tool for parents/careers wanting to transfer their children to a new school or those on a hunt for a first school option.

Their education section has a number of detailed articles informing you about Ofsted reports, extra curriculum clubs, open mornings and pupil accomplishments – a great way for parents to gain more information around primary schools within the area.School Socks The Right Socks

Head over to Clapham Mums where we are currently offering a 25% summer discount of all lines to help lighten the load when shopping for new uniform. Whether it’s for P.E, day-to-day uniform or one of those incredible fancy dress days The Right Socks has you covered. Our sticker and socks combination are designed to help your little ones place the correct shoe on the right feet by teaching them their left from right. We aim to increase their independent learning by making the concept fun and visual to learn following 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Place the socks on the feet (Red to Left/Green to Right)
Step 2: Smiley face check
Step 3: Place the stickers in the left and right shoes
Step 4: Put feet in shoes by connecting the colour socks to the stickers.

As we know children's fine motor skills, are crucial for their physical and cognitive development. Fine motor skills involve the coordination of small muscles, enabling children to perform activities such as writing, drawing, and putting on their shoes. By focusing on the development of these skills, children can reach important learning milestones and improve their overall dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving abilities.

Left & Right Socks

During the summer holidays why not aim to support you child building their fine motor skills with some activities below:


  1. Play-based Activities: Incorporate play-based activities that involve manipulating objects, such as building blocks, puzzles, and stacking toys. These activities help refine hand-eye coordination, finger strength, and dexterity skills, fostering the development of fine motor skills in an enjoyable and engaging manner.
  2. Arts and Crafts: Encourage children to engage in arts and crafts activities that involve cutting, drawing, painting, and colouring. These activities promote creativity while strengthening fine motor skills as children manipulate art materials and tools.
  3. Sensory Play: Integrate sensory play activities, such as playing with playdough, sand, or water, which require children to use their fingers and hands for exploration and manipulation. Sensory play activities stimulate the senses while developing fine motor skills and hand muscles.
  4. Fine Motor Skill Specific Exercises: Implement specific exercises targeting fine motor skills development, such as finger and hand strengthening exercises, finger dexterity activities, and hand-eye coordination games. These exercises can be incorporated into daily routines or as part of structured learning activities.
By focusing on building children's fine motor skills through these approaches, we aim to support their overall development, achieve important learning milestones, and enhance their academic, cognitive, and social abilities.

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